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All hail ECV Major James D Savage Chapter 1852 NGH #56 Anthony "Major" Nelson!!!

Well it's offishul! "Major" Nelson is the new Noble Grand Humbug for Clamp year 6023! His officers have been named and the year has begun. Here's to a great year ahead for Jim Savage 1852! You can find all events on the event page. Take a look and start making plans. Savage doins are always a hell of a time. Great food, flowing slipperys, and true brotherhood. Savage style.

Calling all Chairmen of the Most Important Committee!

Holy smokes! It's already been a year?! The NGH is spent and it's time to pass it on to the next brother. On the evening of Saturday December 16, 6022 at the Veterans Hall (808 4th St.) Clovis, CA the Most Honorable Committee will be gathering to crown a new Noble Grand Humbug. Soon to be XNGH Wayne "Monekyballs" Montgomery has suffered the horrors of Humbuggery. Let's send him off Savage style. Then we'll welcome the new sucker that's fillin his boots.

The rub is $25 for killer Chile Verde and sides from BLT & crew. Chapter beer is also included. Come join your brethren for a Savagefactory celebration!

Jim Savage 1852 PBC application form

Fill it out and get Savage. Print it!


Pay your rub, make a donation, or just send us money! Please note your PayPal transaction. I.e. "Fall Doin's", etc. If paying for a Doins please include $2.50 covenience fee. Thanks!

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