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Jim Savage Fall Doins 6021

The Redshirts are comin' to Skunk's Hole on the Kings River October 21 - 23. Come join Humbug Captain Vespa and his band of Savages in revelry. Partake in cold drinks and hot grub! Visit the nearby monumental erections! See if you win our door prize, a Ruger 10/22 rifle! All this and a hangin' to boot! It's sure to be a hell of a time. Don't miss it! Gates open Friday 10/21, Prepay rub for Redshirts is a measly $50 of gold dust. Prepay for PBC's is $65. $5 more the day of. All Redshirts and PBC's will receive a raffle ticket. Read the flyer for the rest! I'm tired of typin.

Jim Savage 1852 PBC application form

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